5 Ways to Get Yourself Up in the Morning


Do you have trouble forcing yourself to get out of bed to start your day? It may not always be easy to roll out of bed after a long night. Try these tricks and tips to fight morning the morning slump.

1. Set Your Alarm Clock Far From Your Bed

It can be hard to avoid hitting the snooze button, but that addiction can be easily averted by simply placing your alarm clock far away from your bed. Why put yourself through this strange form of torture? Well, if you get out of bed, you are more likely to stay awake than if you simply roll over to turn off your alarm will little to no effort. It may be uncomfortable to expose yourself to that cold morning air, but you will thank yourself later when you aren’t late to work.

2. Prepare a Tasty Breakfast

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me up faster than a yummy breakfast. Are you passionate about eggs and bacon? Do you dream about waffles? If these foods are your cravings, then plan ahead to make them in the mornings. If you have food to look forward to, it is easier to drag yourself out of bed. If your morning is cramped for time, try to buy your favorite breakfast items premade or frozen. You can even make them the night before and have them in the fridge, ready for the morning. Looking for a healthier breakfast? Try an overnight oats recipe or a bowl of fresh fruit.

3. Do a Few Exercises in Bed

When you start to do exercise, you get your blood flowing and some adrenaline pumping. Obviously, it isn’t necessary to be drenching with sweat before you even start your day, but try doing a few situps or leg raises may help you get out of bed. Doing a few stretches in bed can also be a relaxing way to slowly wake yourself up.

4. Keep Slippers or a Robe by Your Bed

Chilly mornings and me don’t mix…ever. If you despise the cold like I do, choose to keep a robe and a pair of slippers by your bed. Getting out of bed is already miserable enough, at least if you have comfortable clothes to wear, it’s less of a shock to your system. Or if you’re really having a bad day, just drag your blanket out of bed with you to keep you cozy while you do your morning routine.

5. Wake Yourself Up 5 Minutes Earlier

This last one works for me personally very well. I simply set my alarm to wake myself up 5 minutes earlier than I need to be awake. This way, you don’t have to jump out of bed and energetically start your day. Instead, you can roll around in bed and slowly build up enough strength to pull yourself out of bed. Take these few minutes to enjoy the silence before the day officially begins. If you absolutely end up loving this technique, then you can even wake up 10 minutes early!

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