Reasons Why I Throw Little Away


Alright, I must admit. I have a problem throwing things away. However, I am far from being a hoarder. I don’t keep plastic forks or candy wrappers, but I do keep a lot of items in storage. Although there is a giant trend to be simplistic and become a minimalist, I have not been able to join the craze. Below are my personal reasons why (and you may agree):

1. What if I need it later?…

Often, when I come across a random charger without a home or an adorable little bag with no contents, I wonder when I am going to truly need it. Will there be a time when I am frantically searching my house for this random charger? Probably not. However, what if I DO? Won’t I be glad that I took up a little space in my drawer to keep it for a few extra months?

2. I plan to have kids (and grandkids)

As a child, I always wanted to know what my mom and dad’s lives were like when they were young. What did they play with and what did they cherish? My parents did not keep very many belongings from when they were children, so I never got to see their fourth grade report card or hold their favorite stuffed animal. Maybe someday my favorite belongings will be important to my children or grandchildren.

3. I want to remember those I love

I keep a giant drawer of cards written by my loved ones (from birthdays, Christmas, etc) that I started when I was very young (a few from my 5th birthday). I am aware that my grandparents will not be with me forever and neither will my parents. Although this is a somber thought and not one I enjoy pondering over, it is honestly why I keep their cards and items that remind me of them. Someday I will thank myself for keeping these things.

4. Material items can bring back memories

I have many items that are a reminder of a certain time in my life. Whether it was a happy time or a sad time, there are memories that I never want to forget. I have lots of belongings from my childhood that I hope to keep forever. Notes from classmates or little souvenirs from family vacations always make me smile if I am having a bad day. It is best to not live in the past or hold onto it too closely, but when the present is crummy, I always have good memories to make me smile.

Next time you decide to go through your house “spring cleaning” or angrily throwing things away because you can’t handle a messy room any longer (we all do it), remember these reasons not to throw everything away. Life is precious and so are memories. As time passes, it can be harder for these memories to come back with clarity. Sometimes we need a little reminder of all those who love us and how blessed we are by God.

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