How to Benefit from Essential Oils


For Christmas, I received an essential oils diffuser. I knew essential oils made your house smell amazing (which is great for a girl with three dogs!) and the diffuser can change colors so I was psyched. However, I discovered that which scent you choose actually matters. According to Huffington Post and Live in the Now, different scents can improve different areas in your life that could use a boost.

1. Peppermint

Besides reminding everyone of minty gum and candy canes, peppermint can actually aid in concentration. As a student and a blogger, this is the perfect scent to keep around the house. If you ever have one of those “I want to be productive but it is so not happening” days, put peppermint essential oil in your diffuser and sit down while the peppermint scent does its magic!

2. Lavender

After a stressful day at work or extra hype before bed, it can be difficult to calm down and just relax. Enter lavender! Lavender is perfect for making your body relax and it will make you very sleepy. So if you are surrounded by lavender throughout the day, cut it out and save it for nights only!

3. Orange

Similar to orange juice, orange scent is also a good pick me up in the mornings. Studies have shown that citrus scents like orange can improve your alertness. Instead of going straight for the coffee, try a whiff of orange to naturally wake yourself up. Or just use it occasionally for those extra groggy mornings.

4. Jasmine

To be honest, if you don’t know exactly what jasmine smells like, don’t feel bad because I don’t either. But maybe we should! Jasmine has been shown to serve as a natural antidepressant and relieve stress. Doesn’t everyone need that in their lives! During especially stressful days or times of the week, make sure to have jasmine essential oil on hand so that you can make sure to treat your body and mind right.

5. Thyme

Last, but definitely not least. Thyme acts similar to peppermint, by helping you concentrate. However, it does so by relaxing your nervous system. It also has an added bonus of improving your memory. Although thyme has always been thought of as a rarely used spice whose name everyone mispronounced as a child, it is time to give thyme some more credit!

After writing this article, I feel the need to express to you that I am not a hippie. I am not a treehugger or even close to being an environmentalist. I simply am trying new ways to treat my body how it deserves to be treated. When you are stressed, anxious, have difficulty concentrating, or have multiple sleepless nights, listen to your body. Our bodies send warning signals for a reason. The main message of this blog is to treat yourself better. Although it may seem that you are being pulled in hundreds of different directions, don’t forget to treat yourself with respect and take the time to spoil yourself.

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