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I recently moved from my home city to a neighboring one, so moving is fresh in my mind. I forgot how hard this whole process truly is! It very difficult to pack up your entire life, and I won’t even mention selling your house or trying to thoroughly clean it. Through my experience, what I did and didn’t do, I have plenty of tricks and tips on moving.

7 Tips On Moving…

1. Label boxes very specifically

Most already have the helpful idea of labeling boxes to make them easier to unpack. However, simply slapping a label on a box is not always as beneficial as you may think. I made the mistake of marking boxes with names such as “bedroom misc” or just “master bedroom”. No, No, No!! Designate each box to a specific location in the room, such as “master bedroom nightstand” or “bathroom closet”. The next step is to make sure that only items from that location make it into the box. I know it’s tempting to throw in a few extra things that were unpacked and forgotten in another room, but don’t do it! It will make your life much easier if you create a specific label and stick to it.

2. Play the “Keep or Throw Away” Game

Before packing all of your belongings, play the “Keep or Throw Away” Game. Moving forces you to go through all of your belongings anyways, so take advantage of this time! It may require a little more effort, but throw away or give away the items you won’t be needing anymore. Also, don’t give yourself a long time to ponder over this decision. Quickly decide, do I need this? Is it sentimental? No? Throw it away or give it away. If your kids are teens, it may be time to give away most of their large stuffed animal collection or clothes that are a few sizes too small. If you know that you are tired of certain decorations in your house, don’t bring them! It is already very hectic and messy unpacking boxes, so make your life easier by not bringing junk.

3. Take the time to walk through your house one last time

This tip doesn’t make moving more efficient, but I think it makes it easier emotionally. Some people are more emotional than others, but I really struggle every time I have to move. I think about what it will be like to never come “home” again as I know it. I will never walk through those doors and feel relieved after a long day at work or school. I even fear that I will forget what my house even looks like as time passes. That is why it is so important to have a proper goodbye. Walk through the house and acknowledge all of the memories that reside there. Cherish them one last time while you’re still at home. For someone who has only lived in their house for a few months, it may be a lot easier than someone who has lived in a home their whole life. I lived in my house for about 9 years so this step was very difficult. It is OK and very normal to not be fully prepared for change when it comes. I honestly don’t think I could have prepared myself to leave my home, but I was so glad I spend a few minutes to appreciate it one last time.


4. Plan in advance to have help

Moving is not a one person job and usually not even a two-person job. If you are moving yourself (without professional movers), it is very important to have both muscle and other people’s vehicles if needed. You will never have enough room to fit everything in your car and you won’t have enough time to move everything out before the deadline. There are always little things that you will forget until the last minute.

It can also be helpful to have someone walk through the house with you to make sure you didn’t forget anything. It can be easy to forget things that you are so accustomed to seeing daily. Have you taken down the shower curtain in the bathroom? Have you left behind the garage door opener for the new owners (definitely didn’t forget this one…)?

5. Take a tour of your new area

This step is possible for some, and not possible for others, but it is very valuable if you are aware of your new surroundings before moving in. Where is the grocery store? The back roads with the least amount of traffic? Knowing all of this before moving in will make the first few weeks after the move a lot easier. Although it will take time before you will be able to easily navigate without Google maps, it is never too early to start exploring. Nothing is more frustrating getting lost on the way to everywhere! Leisurely exploring your new town is both fun and productive.

6. Change your address on everything!

This step in the moving process requires the most thinking! It is hard to remember every magazine subscription, service company, and other businesses that requires your address. Looking back, I wish I would have started a few weeks before the move writing down every business and person I needed to inform of my change in address. A fun way to let your friends know that you have a new home is to have a house warming party. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but it allows friends and family to be aware of the housing change in a fun way. Plus, you get to show off the new house! (This one is definitely on my calendar, so I will post soon about its successes and failures!)

7. Enjoy the clean slate

Moving is rejuvenating because it is a fresh start. It feels good to start your life in a new town or even a new state. Enjoy it! Pick up a few new hobbies and work to drop the habits that you want to quit. Become the person you want to be because this is the time to do it! Change your perspective and create new memories. On this new journey, have fun experiencing new things and meeting new people. Just get outside of yourself and enjoy life!

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