Must Follow Bully and Frenchie Instagram Accounts

BEST (1)

As an English Bulldog owner and lover, I know all the must follow Bully and Frenchie Instagram accounts. I love to follow these cute little furry friends to make me smile and brighten up my day. Here are the star Bullies and Frenchies of Instagram:

1. Bluenjy

Screenshot_20170325-153048 (1)

Don’t let the picture fool you, this is a Frenchie, not a real baby! However, this cute little guy loves to eat treats with his front paws, lay on his back, and wear clothes. He is a model for @Frenchiestore, so he loves the camera!

2. Pardonthyfrench

Screenshot_20170325-153129 (1).png

This pup is a true inspiration. She battled cancer and although she lost her leg, she didn’t lose her spirit. As a rescue dog, she is the perfect example of how a dog can respond so well to a loving new family and a second chance. Princess Bethanee Hamilton has many different expressions and a fun personality.  She is often seen on her three feet scampering around in clothes from her high-fashion wardrobe.

3. Belvis.the.talking.bulldog

Screenshot_20170325-153154 (1).png

This bulky guy has some serious attitude (narrated by his owner). Belvis is rude, both through his flatulence and his demands. He loves cheese, but basically any foods that aren’t healthy as well. Most days he can be found sticking his tongue out or with a scowl on his face.

4. Worldofbanks

Screenshot_20170325-153213 (1).png

This Frenchie from L.A. has a beautiful coat and loves to be the center of attention. He is not as well known as other Frenchies on Instagram, but he deserves a shout out because he is absolutely adorable. Somehow, he seems to always know how to charm the camera with his big eyes.

5. Little_millicent

Screenshot_20170325-153229 (1)

This Frenchie from Austin, Texas is spunky and loves to be pampered. She loves life, but definitely enjoys her naps. Milly has lots of fans, and seems aware that she is as cute as can be. On her Instagram, her entire life is documented from puppyhood.

6. Gerald_bulldog

Screenshot_20170325-153305 (1).png

Mr. Gerald… This chubby guy has been on a diet for a long time, but he just loves food too much! He has been caught multiple times digging around in the fridge for snacks. Yes he may be lazy, but he has a big heart. His funny videos and wrinkles will brighten up your day!

7. Bulldogholly

Screenshot_20170325-153322 (1).png

Holly and Harper are two English bulldogs that enjoy a crazy life together. They are best friends that love to dress alike and snuggle up with each other. You can follow their crazy adventures on their Instagram account. Just be ready for the unexpected!

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